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Below you will see a selection of TV commercials as seen on TV in various markets around Australia.
The majority of these commercials ran between 2005 and 2007
These commercials will all open in a new window at full screen

Commercial Number 1 (15 seconds)

This is the first commercial ever produced by Mortgage Now. This is a 15 second commercial. It is the start of the "Finances In A Jam" series and was one of the most successful campaings ever.

Commercial Number 2 (30 seconds)

This is the 30 second version of the commercial above. These 2 commercials are both full jingle commercials with no voice over.

Commercial Number 3 (15 seconds)

This is the first 15 second commercial with a voice over. These commercials were run for several months.

Commercial Number 4 (30 seconds)

This commercial also has a voice over and ran in several regional Australian markets in rotation with the 15 second commercial above.

Commercial Number 5 (15 seconds)

This commercial is the same as the commercial above with the addition of "Franchise Enquiries Welcome".

Commercial Number 6 (30 seconds)

Same again, This commercial is the 30 second version with voice over & the "Franchise Enquiries Welcome" tag.

Commercial Number 7 (15 seconds)

This commercial stresses the fact that Mortgage Now can assist Pensioners. This is a 15 second commercial.

Commercial Number 8 (30 seconds)

This commercial is the 30 second version of the one above and also places emphasis on low doc and no doc loans.

Commercial Number 9 (15 seconds)

Commercial #9 is the same as #8 with a slightly different read. It mentions refinance, pensioners, low doc, no doc, and debt consolidation.

Commercial Number 10 (15 seconds)

This commercial shows 2 pensioners discussing how Mortgage Now has helped them consolidate their debts. (30 Sec TV Commercial)

Commercial Number 11 (15 seconds)

This TV commercial is 15 seconds and has a younger male explaining how easy it is to use Mortgage Now to consolidate debts into one easy monthly payment.

Commercial Number 12 (30 seconds)

This 30 second TV commercial has 3 testimonials all explaining how Mortgage Now makes it so easy to consolidate your debts in to one easy payment. If you have equity in your home, Mortgage Now can help!

Commercial Number 13 (30 seconds)

The same people as in the TV commercial above, explain that contacting Mortgage Now was the best thing they ever did. One quick phone call and they got their loan.

Commercial Number 14 (15 seconds)

This 15 sec ad promoted our Christmas 2006 campaign. We guaranteed to get a home loan for every new client or we would give them a $180 Christmas Hamper.

Commercial Number 15 (15 seconds)

This commercial encourages you to "take control of your finances" before Christmas 2006 and save $300 on fees.

Commercial Number 16 (30 seconds)

In this commercial we asked "have you been told NO?", "We say yes more often". If you have equity in your home, we can help.

Commercial Number 17 (30 seconds)

If you have equity in your home, call now and get cash for christmas. (and save big on fees) We say YES more often...

Commercial Number 18 (15 seconds)

This series of commercials was so successful that we had to pull the campaign early. We guaranteed a yes to your home loan enquiry.

Commercial Number 19 (30 seconds)

This is the 30 sec version of the commercial above. When ever we re-run this campaign, it is only for a short time as we can only work with a limited number of clients. It quite simply gets the message across

Commercial Number 20 (15 seconds)

Other banks or brokers may have said no but that doesn't mean we will do the same. Call 1300 667 239 to get a YES!

Commercial Number 21 (30 seconds)
Do you have a mortgage and need to refinance? Mortgage Now can G'tee a yes, even if you have bad credit or defaults...

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Australian Mortgage Awards Broker of the year finalist image
Australain Mortgage Awards - Non Conforming Broker of the Year 2009 - Finalist
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Telstra Small Business of the Year Awards 2006 - Finalist
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Australain Mortgage Awards - Non Conforming Broker of the Year 2008 - Finalist
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