$50,000 worth of your bills paid – or – $100,000 paid off your mortgage

$50,000 worth of your bills paid – or – $100,000 paid off your mortgage

Please see below an email I sent out earlier today


Hi, this is Graham Doessel from Mortgage Now,
Firstly, let me say thank you for your past enquiries, and please remember that Mortgage Now will always be here to help with all your financial needs.

As you have helped both me and Mortgage Now become the largest exclusive non-conforming brokerage in Australia, and my selection as a finalist in the 2008 Australian Mortgage Awards as non conforming of the year, it’s time for me to give something back.

Mortgage Now has become a major sponsor of the new and exciting site, www.esuga.com, where the lowest unique bid wins!

Mortgage Now is offering through the www.esuga.com system, a $600,000 dream home package, AND a seperate $100,000 off your mortgage package.

All packages available on the www.esuga.com website are available as reverse auctions, where the highest bidder no longer wins.
(its a nice change to note that you could win these auctions for only a few cents)

I have included a presentation below to give you a better understanding of how www.esuga.com, works, so that you too can have a chance to be included in the amazing opportunities that www.esuga.com reverse auctions offer!

Kind Regards
Mortgage Now

Graham Doessel
Founder & CEO


Too see the full offer, please ckick here http://www.mortgagenow.com.au/icontact_esuga_email.html



I am Graham Doessel and this has been my comment

Graham can be contacted at Mortgage Now,

246 Stafford Road, Stafford, Qld.  4053


or call TOLL FREE 1300 667-239

Graham built Mortgage Now from the ground up to become the largest in in under 5 years.

Graham now has 11 different businesses that all on helping people in trouble.

Grahams latest project is the development of The Now Foundation, a self funded charity focusing on the little things we can do to improve our lives in big ways.

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