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About Now…

Now was started by Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Graham Doessel.
Mr Doessel went from business owner to bankrupt in the late 90’s thanks to a business associate relieving him of more than $135,000 in 4 months.

He tried to hang on for as long as possible but eventually, with (bad) advice from his solicitor, was instructed to go bankrupt. 6 months after declaring bankruptcy, Mr. Doessel discovered there had always been alternatives that no one told him about.

These options would have meant he would not have needed to go bankrupt. Mr. Doessel researched these and many other non-bankruptcy options and from there developed a plan to help others in similar situations.

The concept of Now was Born. Today, Mortgage Now offers a host of opportunities and options to help every day Aussies avoid the mistakes that Mr. Doessel made.

“There are so many options available to people today. The sad thing is that most people may never discover a way out”. Mr. Doessel said.

The question was asked, “What if we could improve upon the industry client service standards?
What if we could offer our clients the highest levels of customer care and genuine understanding of their personal financial situation?”
“This is something we strive to achieve and excel at each and every day” Mr. Doessel commented.

Understanding the client’s trauma regarding their situation is paramount.

What’s different about us is we believe that upon settlement of your home loan we are ‘opening an ongoing relationship’ with you instead of simply “closing a deal“.

“With this said, it gives my team the opportunity to go the extra mile and really excel at what they do best, and that’s making sure every available option has been fully explored and exhausted, in the quest to find the home loan that is perfect for you in your situation.” Mr. Doessel said.

“Simply put. We get results!”

Offering financial solutions from more than 31 different specialist and boutique allows us to tailor a package that suits your needs and allows you to move forward again quickly.

We believe it’s this difference that lead to Now being nominated for the Telstra Business Awards in 2006.

Mr. Graham Doessel has demonstrated his understanding of the needs of his clients. This understanding led to the national expansion of Now in 2006. “In 2009 we are heading to New Zealand.” He said.

“My team is very passionate about what they do and we’re all looking forward to what the future holds for Now.”
“As a market leader in the niche non-conforming & Bad Credit home loans market, we have helped thousands of everyday Aussies in their hour of need“. Mr Doessel continued.

Now is confident their continued growth and ongoing success has helped them achieve their Vision of continuing to help as many people as possible.


The Vision Of Mortgage Now

Mortgage Now is a market leader in the area of non-conforming and bad credit mortgages.  The firm deals almost exclusively in regional Australia markets.

Recent times have seen substantial expansion of the firm and it is anticipated that the expansion will continue, and continue at a greater rate.  A three to five-year vision of the business will see the business continuing to capitalise on its niche (bad credit) market presence as well as diversifying into a range of other financial services products.
The business should have created a metropolitan existence in at least the eastern seaboard of Australia if not nationally.  The base line criteria for the five-year vision of the business are as follows:


  1. A Positive High Profile
  2. A reputation for superior client service
  3. The firm will be proactive in its communications with clients
  4. The firm will continue to ‘under promise and over deliver’
  5. The firm will adequately and appropriately manage clients expectations
  6. The firm will manage its client referral system and will provide individual ongoing management of each client and their personal referral network
  7. The firm will produce a regular newsletter for the information of clients and strategic alliances
  8. The firm will have developed, encouraged, maintained, reviewed and developed excellent team member skills
  9. All members of the Mortgage Now team will have fun
  10. The product range offered by Mortgage Now will be designed to deliver the options to the client
  11. Mortgage Now will continue to operate under an ethos of “never give up & we understand ”
  12. Mortgage Now will be extremely profitable
  13. Mortgage Now will continue under private ownership together with the team member profit share arrangement
  14. All team members will receive excellent motivation and incentive to continue to perform at their very and to achieve the very best possible outcome for the client



The Mortgage Now Promise

Mortgage Now is a firm that provides Mortgage/Financial Solutions to the average Australian.

Mortgage Now specializes in helping normal everyday Aussies from all walks of life that find themselves in a sticky situation and or, may have been told no previously.

At Mortgage Now, we understand how it feels to be knocked back for financial assistance and because of this, we have a genuine heart felt desire to help you, our clients, and in doing so, to have made a positive difference in your lives.

At Mortgage Now, we pride ourselves in constantly exceeding our client’s expectations by under promising and over delivering.

For each and every one of us, it is a matter of personal pride that we continually strive to improve on our already world-class client service standard.

Meet The Ceo

I’m Graham Doessel.
I am proud to say that I am the Founder and CEO of Mortgage Now.Having personally been in difficult financial situations in the past, with a family to support and a mortgage to pay, I understood how difficult and frustrating it can be at those times when your situation is ‘outside the norm’.

Because of this, in 2003, I started Mortgage Now with the desire to help as many people as I could that would otherwise not be able to access the help they needed.

At Mortgage Now my team and I understand that self-employed people may have difficulty proving their income.
Sometimes circumstances beyond our control leave us with ‘black’ marks on our credit file. Or we find ourselves on a government benefit.
This doesn’t mean you are ‘out of the loop’
We can & will do everything we can to help you.

I am based in Brisbane and actively involved in all aspects of the day to day operations of the business nationally.

I am very happily married to my gorgeous wife Helen and have been since 1997 & we have 3 beautiful children that we are very proud of.

I do all the normal stuff like visiting friends, going to BBQ’s, dinner with friends, bludging at home with Helen and the kids and one day, one day, I will set time aside to go and get my private pilots license. (it may be a while yet though…)

If you have any questions about anything we do, please call me on our toll-free number (1300 667 239).
We truly will go out of our way to help in every situation we can.


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