Frequently Asked Questions…

What is Mortgage Now all about?

Mortgage Now is Australia’s Top Exclusively Non-conforming Broker. (That means we specialise in helping you, even if the banks and other brokers may have said no.)
The Firm (Mortgage Now) was formed in October 2003 with the intent of developing a product line that would help everyday Aussies like you regain control of their financial situations.
The training at Mortgage Now is such that every member understands what you are going through and can help you get the help you want, in the shortest possible time.
For more information about who we are and how we began, please visit our about us page.

How long have you been in business?

Mortgage Now was formed in 2003 and has been steadily developing new products and services to help clients that the major banks and lenders ‘couldn’t be bothered’ helping or just simply ‘don’t know how’ to help.

How will Mortgage Now be able to save me money?

Mortgage Now has saved clients many hundreds of dollars each month by refinancing all of their debts into one easy, affordable repayment. The savings have often been used to ‘have a life’ for the first time in quite a while.
For those of you without a home but far too much debt, Mortgage Now has alliance partners that can help you with a debt negotiation, or maybe even assist in freezing all of your late fees and interest charges.

How do I know my time spent will be worthwhile?

That depends on how honest you are willing to be.
The more we understand your TRUE circumstances, the better chance we have of finding the right lender or product for you in the shortest possible time.
We understand that at times it is hard to admit to some of the issues.
We also understand that those issues are the reason you are reading this website in an attempt to find a way to just take a breath…
Being totally honest with your REAL circumstances allows our experienced to find the answers you are looking for.
I believe your time spent talking with a Mortgage Now Senior Consultant could be some of the most valuable time you have ever spent.

How long will it all take?

How long will it take to pick up the phone and dial a 1300 number (1300 667 239), or fill in the simple form on this website? LESS THAN 3 MINUTES TO GET THINGS MOVING!
After you have contacted our offices, you will speak with one of our super friendly and helpful who will take your basic details, this will take approx. 8 minutes or so…
One of our dedicated Senior Mortgage Consultants will look over your details and most probably have a solution for you, even before they call you back.

I Hate Paperwork, do I have to do much?

No, No, No… We help with all of that.
While you are on the phone, we ask all of the questions on the application and fill in the form for you.
Once it is all filled in, we send it out to you by mail, fax or email for you to check over and confirm the details are correct and ensure we have not misspelled your name or address etc.
Once you have checked it over and are happy with the accuracy of the paperwork, you authorise it, include proof of ID, pop it into the supplied postage paid envelope and drop it in the letter box. ITS THAT EASY!
We can do everything else for you!
We contact your for you.
We arrange your latest statements.
We get your rates notice. etc. etc. etc…
We do it all!

Can I cut up my cards?

We find that a lot of people originally got their card for emergencies.
They had the emergency and ran up a bill on the card but have never been able to catch up.
Then something else happens and the problem gets even bigger. (more debt, more interest and more charges).
We can help by paying out the cards and supplying you with a Mortgage Now Gold Debit Card.
The Mortgage Now Gold Debit Card lets you have MasterCard access to your own funds (not credit).
You’ll have No More Interest bills, No more late fees, No more card company phone calls…
You can use it on the internet, in ATM’s and in the EFTPOS machines at the supermarket.
It has almost as much functionality as a Gold Card but without the interest charges.

Tell Me More about the Mortgage Now Gold Card!

The Mortgage Now Gold Card is a true debit card.
You have full access to your own funds available in the Mortgage Now Gold Debit Card account.
You can transfer money to and from your card/s by a fast 15 second SMS call.
You can give the kids a Mortgage Now Gold Card. They will never need to be caught short again, a quick call to Mum or Dad and 15 seconds later, enough money for a taxi or school lunch or whatever…
The Mortgage Now Gold Card can be used in any ATM or EFTPOS machine and yes, you can even draw CASH from it.


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