Graham Doessel (Mortgage Now)- Finalist – Best Non Conforming Broker of the Year – Australian Mortgage Awards 2008

Graham Doessel (Mortgage Now)- Finalist – Best Non Conforming Broker of the Year – Australian Mortgage Awards 2008

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Well I’ll Be…  I received an email yesterday from Lauren James congratulating me on the placing as a finalist in the NON-CONFORMING BROKER OF THE YEAR  category of the 2008 Australian Awards.

To be very honest, I thought it was a spam joke at first, then I called to Lauren check and yep, I was nominated and have now been placed as a finalist..

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Thank you to who ever nominated me for this award. 


What  does this mean?

It means that all of the hard work I have done to build has been recognised to this point.  The stress I have placed on myself and my great team must be beginning to pay off.  We are rock solid on our customer service standards and sometimes this can be a challenge for new team members..  “this is what we do” is the most common claim i hear from new team members… I explain that “that is what you used to do, Now you work with Now and we have raised the bar…”

Some of the ‘extras’ we do for our clients have new team members perplexed for a while and they do not understand why we would ‘waste’ so much time doing the little things for our clients.

I explain that that is what makes us so different. That is why we are the broker of choice with more than 5000 clients in our database.  That is why our testimonial file is constantly getting larger.  That is why my dream of being an ’employer of choice’ is always inching that little bit closer.

We have managed to build a system (constantly refining it too) that allows  to settle a application in as little as half the time it can take other brokers.  We communicate with outgoing lenders and creditors and get the information we need in 24 hours, (not 3 weeks) .

Look out for the upcoming edition of the “ Broker” magazine as we are being featured in an article (cant say much more for now) that should give other brokers that ‘light at the end of the tunnel’.

Any how, I need to fill in a submission for the awards so the AMA can publish great things about all of the finalists in the MPA (Mortgage Professionals Australia) Magazine prior to the awards on the 26th of September 2008.

Again, I must convey my thanks to whom ever it was that nominated me for the award.  .. Thanks…



I am Graham Doessel and this has been my comment

Graham can be contacted at Mortgage Now,

246 Stafford Road, Stafford, Qld.  4053

or call TOLL FREE 1300 667-239

Graham built from the ground up to become the largest Broker in in under 5 years.

Graham now has 11 different businesses that all focus on helping people in trouble.

Grahams latest project is the development of The Now Foundation, a self funded charity focusing on the little things we can do to improve our lives in big ways.


.. coming soon

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