Mortgage Industry Reforms, “Getting the shonks out of the system”

Mortgage Industry Reforms, “Getting the shonks out of the system”

I received a link to a story from earlier today and read with interest.

The story, written by Karina Barrymore, explains some of the intended reforms to the financial sector which includes the Industry.

As yet, I have not seen the Green Paper but will read it cover to cover when i get my hands on a copy.

All in all, I think the Industry does need some level of reform, or at the least, some regulation to ensure the long term sustainability of the industry.  The Mortgage Industry like many others has had its share of criticism and some parties definitely need to be shaken up. 

There are however, many more good, honest and decent brokers than bad ones.  Unfortunately only the bad ones get the headlines.

When was placed as a in the 2006 Telstra business Mortgage Now Telstra small business award finalist 2006 (see photo of the team as it was then) it was a shot in the arm for the industry in general and we were seriously chuffed!.

I say BRING ON THE REFORM, but lets make sure its done from a platform of intelligent regulation as opposed to the normal political agendas of knee jerk reactionism


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