D Remin

D Remin

Dear Graham:

I wish to inform you that you have the most professional and courteous that I have every dealt with before. Please allow me to elaborate.

Recently my family has fallen into the all too easy struggle of financial burden, debt collectors, bills, and mortgage. All of these are in the everyday Australians life. I was constantly chasing my tail trying to pay for one thing when another came in. The endless circle of catch up, I could not at any stage despite all my efforts, get in front of my finances. It got to the stage where I nearly declared myself bankrupt and the bank nearly took my from my family.

I was hesitant at first but I made the simple step of making a call to Now, and with two hours, I had all my problems resolved by four simple words. “We can help you”. I cannot explain how this made me feel, after being rejected by the banks and other Financial Services, to hear that there was really someone out there that would help struggling Aussies in a time of need. I was even more ecstatic to realise that there was no hidden traps. What was said was real. NO CRAP AT ALL.

Now this means that l can finally sleep properly at night without worrying how I am going to put food on the table for my kids. I thank you for helping my family in a time of need. Please pass on my strongest gratitude’s to all your for their prompt, respectful and courteous assistance.

Many thanks.


D Remin

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