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The Fun of Blogging!

Thanks to everyone that has commented on my new blog. It is making it even more fun. It has been said that I like to get my opinion accross and now I have the ultimate platform. Thanks everyone I have also been found by… WOOHOO! <a href=”” rel=”me”>Technorati Profile</a> Tags: Related posts Graham […]

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Mortgage Industry Reforms, “Getting the shonks out of the system”

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I received a link to a story from earlier today and read with interest. The story, written by Karina Barrymore, explains some of the intended reforms to the financial sector which includes the Mortgage Industry. As yet, I have not seen the Green Paper but will read it cover to cover when i get […]

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First Home Buyers Now Set To Save An Extra $9500!

Graham Doessel, Founder and CEO of Mortgage Now comments on the Queensland Budget and in particular the fact that First Home Buyers Now Set To Save An Extra $9500.

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Should I pay the home loan?

So, you’ve bought your dream home and got a mortgage, got the nice car, sometimes two of them, the kids are in great schools, you enjoy pay TV, go out occasionally, nothing too extravigent,¬†all in all, life is ok…. AND THEN IT HAPPENS One of you lose your job or go on extended sick leave, […]

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